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Special #3: Alistair Duncan - A Study In Bart's

A Study In Bart's: Holmes, Watson, and England's Great Hospital. Recorded lecture by Alistair Duncan at St. Bartholomew's Pathology Musuem on 27/06/2012


The famous meeting place of Holmes and Watson, St. Batholomews Hospital is surprisingly rarely featured in adaptations of the stories. Why is this? What series finally gave St. Bart's its due credit? A fantastic lecture by Alistair in which he likens Sherlock Holmes to Britain's super hero.


A PDF of his slides can be found [HERE]

Follow Alistair on twitter at @alistaird221b ¦ His blog is at

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Episode 28: Louise Brealey



Louise Brealey, who plays Molly Hooper on BBC's Sherlock, was at Collectormania Milton Keynes on a VERY cold Sunday in early June. Without too much of a plan, Babes Curly, Maria, Ardy, and Joanne drove up and nabbed an interview with the incredibly funny and charming actress. Dancing around the stadium in attempts to keep warm, they wandered the stalls, met fans, and danced with Storm Troopers. After a quick interview with a Scottish Darth Vader, they were able to sit down with Louise and chat Sherlock and matching tape recorders. It's delightful.

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