The Baker Street Babes
Sherlock Panel at Dragon*Con

Taylor got to sit on the BritTrack/Sherlock panel at Dragon*Con the first weekend in September in Atlanta, Georgia and recorded the whole thing! While the panel wasn't spoiler-free, this recording is, in respect to those of you who don't want to know the details of Series 2.

Listen for interesting questions, comments, and discussions on not only BBC's Sherlock, but for the canon, Basil Rathbone, and Granada as well. Enjoy the deep Southern accents, the snickers, the boos, the mumbles, and everything in between (including some Doctor Who)... and to the poor soul who kept coughing, we hope you feel better!

btw, not to bug... buuut we're dangerously close to going over our bandwidth again.. our insanely upgraded bandwidth. Please consider donating or buying something from the shop! Love you! xx

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Episode 6: Lyndsay Faye & The Pastiche

Lyndsay Faye, author of the Sherlock Holmes pastiche Dust & Shadow, graces us with her amazing presence in NYC for a fantastic interview. Babes Curly & Jenn talk with Lyndsay at length about our favourite Consulting Detective, pastiche work, why there can't be a Watson without a Holmest (and vis versa), sexuality, and cake... what? This interview is seriously fantastic and every Sherlock Holmes fan needs to listen.

Afterwards Ardy, Taylor, and Curly talk more about pastiches, as well as fan fiction, telling you where to find some good ones and where to find some rather interesting ones. Learn everything you need to know about the Sherlock Holmes copyright, and join Jenn & Curly for a "Watson Adventure" with out report on our amazing scavanger hunt in Greenwich Village, NYC.


Lyndsay Faye can be found at and @LyndsayFaye

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Episode 5: Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes

Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes has caused a lot of controversy with Sherlockians and Holmesians alike, so Babes: Curly, Kafers, Ardy, and Taylor take it on. Why they love it, what they don't love about it... and why is the Bromance JUST SO AMAZING?!

We welcome new BSB Taylor into the crew, rescue Ardy from Skype Purgatory, weigh in on Rachel McAdams' Irene Adler, and let you know about some fabulous things including a Rupert Graves shot glass and a bunch of Scots that are making Sherlock Holmes headway of their own. It's Episode 5 and it's less than an hour long!! Also listen to the hauntingly beautiful Ghosts of Baker Street by Sam Hoare at the end. It's quite lovely.


The Sherlock Holmes Society of Scotland (The Self Important Scotland Yarders) can be found @SHolmesScotland and Barry's blog is here!

Sam Hoare: I'm 16, from Oxford, UK. I sing, and have done basically since I discovered the function of vocal chords, and I've written song since I could hold a pencil. I play the guitar (self taught) and I write my own songs, an equal mix between fandom and original. I write stuff for Doctor Who, Sherlock and Harry Potter. They're basically my life. I love Sherlock, and the original Sherlock Holmes books, and have found that the fandom has very quickly become my favourite of all time, because the people are so creative and lovely, and so supportive of whatever random creation I throw at them to give opinions on. And, I hope to definitely move out to London and attempt to make a career out of writing and performing my own songs, be them about silly things that I become obsessed with or real, serious musician things. Listen to more of Sam's songs at Soundcloud and @SamSailsShips

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Episode 4: The Women of Sherlock Holmes

Babes: Curly, Ardy, and Jenn look at the Women in Sherlock Holmes, both canon and BBC, beyond Irene Adler (though we chat about her too!) Join us as we look at the role of women in Victorian times and the stories themselves, compare them with other Victorian heroines, look at the strong ones and weak ones alike, and try and grapple with the BBC!Verse women. Most importantly though! We answer questions from all of you!! We have some news to tell as well, a favour to ask, and a song about a snarky and sexy Blackberry loving lady at the end. It's The Baker Street Babes and it is Episode 4!

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Episode 3: Victoriana & Granada

Babes: Curly, Kafers, Ardy, Jenn
Special Guest: Trudi

We're geeking out this episode with discussions on Victorian England and London, as well as a proper ode to the Granada Television Series! Join along as we giggle about chamber pots, the workhouses of London, and poisonous French ladies! We've got a Sherlock Season 2 Set Report, a PA about Undershaw, more fabulous news, more fabuous canon, and a fabulous song in honor of the fabulous Martin Freeman!

Make sure to check out the reading list and 1892 Strand Magazine companion piece on our website!

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Episode 2: Caitlin Obom & The Sherlock Holmes Fandom

Yay! Episode 2!!!

(Babes: Curly, Kafers, Turk)

We get the chance to talk with legendary Caitlin Obom of Purple Shirt and Martin: Jumpers and Jam fame. We also have a special guest from Germany, Maria! A grand interview with Caitlin as well as a discussion on the fans of Sherlock Holmes and how fandom has remained strong from the Victorian Age to Today. We review Emperor & Gallilean with Andrew Scott and give you the full details from Mark Gatiss' Q&A at the screening of The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes. We've added a new special section and have tacked on Caitlin's newest song at the end.

Enjoy! xx

Check out more of Caitlin's work!  Twitter + Tumblr + YouTube

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Episode 1: Meet The Babes!

Disclaimer: This episode will be remastered to fix sound issues, also, we now realize we are not the first Sherlock Holmes podcast. Apologies to I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere, our Google-fu failed us.

Our very first podcast! Meet the Baker Street Babes! In our first episode we talk about how we got into Sherlock Holmes, our favourite stories and characters, as well as taking a look at BBC's Sherlock's Series Two titles... we know the canon, now what are they going to do with it? Plus! News from the cast of Sherlock as well as the Undershaw Preservation Trust. We have songs, we have German, we have French, we have laughs and theories! We hope you enjoy!


The Baker Street Babes theme song was composed and recorded by Caitlin Obom

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