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The Baker Street Babes are an all-female group of Sherlock Holmes fans dedicated to approaching the fandom from a female point of view, as well as engaging in fun, lively conversations about the canon, film and television adaptations of Arthur Conan Doyle’s work, and associated topics.

Mar 23, 2016

It's the episode that started it all and launched a fandom and took over Tumblr. BBC Sherlock's A Study in Pink is more that the beginning of the modern journey of Sherlock and John, it was what brought many people into the Sherlock Holmes world.

Join BSBs Maria, Amy, Sora, Tiffany, and Tamar for an in-depth discussion on BBC Sherlock's very first aired episode. It's a bit longer than our typical episodes, even our reaction ones, but there's just so much to say about A Study in Pink and the sheer effect it had on not only a lot of us, but on the Sherlock Holmes community as a whole.

We talk about the first episode's relation to the series as a whole, so if you haven't watched it all, there will be spoilers, sorry!