The Baker Street Babes
Episode 3: Victoriana & Granada

Babes: Curly, Kafers, Ardy, Jenn
Special Guest: Trudi

We're geeking out this episode with discussions on Victorian England and London, as well as a proper ode to the Granada Television Series! Join along as we giggle about chamber pots, the workhouses of London, and poisonous French ladies! We've got a Sherlock Season 2 Set Report, a PA about Undershaw, more fabulous news, more fabuous canon, and a fabulous song in honor of the fabulous Martin Freeman!

Make sure to check out the reading list and 1892 Strand Magazine companion piece on our website!

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Episode 2: Caitlin Obom & The Sherlock Holmes Fandom

Yay! Episode 2!!!

(Babes: Curly, Kafers, Turk)

We get the chance to talk with legendary Caitlin Obom of Purple Shirt and Martin: Jumpers and Jam fame. We also have a special guest from Germany, Maria! A grand interview with Caitlin as well as a discussion on the fans of Sherlock Holmes and how fandom has remained strong from the Victorian Age to Today. We review Emperor & Gallilean with Andrew Scott and give you the full details from Mark Gatiss' Q&A at the screening of The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes. We've added a new special section and have tacked on Caitlin's newest song at the end.

Enjoy! xx

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