The Baker Street Babes

A brief chat with some of those who star in the Hoxton Hall musical Sherlockian extravaganza! If you’re in or near London, go grab your tickets on Eventbrite ( before the final performance on May 10!

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Special #9: 221B Con Live With Cara McGee

Recorded in front of a live audience at the fabulous 221B Con [website], this interview plus Q&A with tea lady extraoridinaire Cara McGee is sure to please. Cara first became famous through her line of fandom tea belnds from Adagio and it's only grown.

The audience also asks us some questions, so you're going to learn more about Babes Curly, Lyndsay, Amy, Sarah, and Taylor!

Find Cara's teas [HERE]

Art Blog:

Twitter: @ohcararara

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Episode 40: Morphic Graffiti and The Revenge of Sherlock Holmes

Babes Ardy and Kafers chat to Luke Fredericks and Stewart Charlesworth, whose company Morphic Graffiti just opened a production of The Revenge of Sherlock Holmes, “a music hall musical of elementary magnificence”.  Last year, the company staged Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in musical form—this year, they’re tackling our favourite detective. Hooray! We might just break out into song... okay, don’t fear, we left that part to the professionals.

Luke and Stewart tell us why the combination of Holmes and the music hall is a winner, talk about the challenges and high points involved in putting Sherlock Holmes on stage, and the actors and musicians who are now bringing the piece to life. We talk Victorian music hall, costuming, and more!

The Revenge of Sherlock Holmes just opened at Hoxton Hall, 130 Hoxton Street, N1 6SH, London, and is running until May 10, 2013. Tickets are available from the Hoxton Hall website, or you can call their box office on 020 7684 0060.

To find out more about Luke, Stewart, and Morphic Graffiti, go to their website.

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