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Episode 8: Laurie R. King - Of Bees & Babes

In this episode, Babe Ardy, with her Helpers Sarah and Amy take on board Laurie R. King, author of the Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes series, fresh off a two-week promotional tour for the latest book in the series, The Pirate King. Apart from the world of swashbuckling on the silver screen and women in the canon (with a particular emphasis on blondes), we also talk about Sherlockian scholarship, Russell on screen, and how to successfully cross the worlds of Edwardian England and modern-day San Francisco.

For your further edification, links to things we mention in this episode:

You can find out all about Laurie on her website, and if you’re on Twitter, you can follow Mary Russell and Les Klinger.

  • The Grand Game vol.1 : the first of two volumes of Sherlockian scholarship, co-edited with Leslie S. Klinger. The second volume is still under way.
  • A Study in Sherlock: A collection of short stories inspired by the Sherlock Holmes canon, also co-edited with Leslie S. Klinger. Short story authors include Neil Gaiman, Lee Child, and Margaret Maron.
  • The Mary Russell Companion: A free ebook with excerpts from each of the Russell books, in case the podcast has made you curious and you want to start reading ;)
  • The Art of Detection: The crossover of the worlds of Kate Martinelli and Mary Russell.
  • The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes: Les Klinger’s edition of the Canon. Prepare for a lot of footnotes.
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Episode 7: Villains, Bad Guys, & Adversaries

In the great battle of nefarious naughty boys, will Charles August Milverton or Professor Moriarty prove victorious? Babes Curly, Ardy, Jenn, & Kafers tackle the villains of the Sherlock Holmes world in this chatty and slightly cracky episode. We talk about everyone from darling Milvy to dark and dastardly Stapleton to maybe sympathetic Jefferson Hope.

Moriarty, of course, gets his time to shine as we talk about the various incarnations of his character including BBC Sherlock's Andrew Scott and the slightly corpse-like Russian version. On a scale of one to ten, how likely is this John Watson to shoot a tiger? Oh, don't know what we're talking about? Well, obviously you need to listen!

There is a fun new song about Moriarty at the end by the ever so talented Caitlin Obom, and MAJOR thanks to everyone who sent in questions and comments. Enjoy! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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Sherlock Panel at Dragon*Con

Taylor got to sit on the BritTrack/Sherlock panel at Dragon*Con the first weekend in September in Atlanta, Georgia and recorded the whole thing! While the panel wasn't spoiler-free, this recording is, in respect to those of you who don't want to know the details of Series 2.

Listen for interesting questions, comments, and discussions on not only BBC's Sherlock, but for the canon, Basil Rathbone, and Granada as well. Enjoy the deep Southern accents, the snickers, the boos, the mumbles, and everything in between (including some Doctor Who)... and to the poor soul who kept coughing, we hope you feel better!

btw, not to bug... buuut we're dangerously close to going over our bandwidth again.. our insanely upgraded bandwidth. Please consider donating or buying something from the shop! Love you! xx

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