The Baker Street Babes
Episode 39: Interview with Roger Johnson & Jean Upton

Babes Curly, Kafers and Ardy chat to Roger Johnson and Jean Upton from the Sherlock Holmes Society of London. We talk about the decades of their involvement with the Sherlockian world in Britain and the US, discuss new and old Holmes adaptations on screen, in the theatre, and on the radio, and take a detour into classic movies. They've met a lot of people involved in Sherlockian things, including Jeremy Brett and David Burke, so stay tuned for a bunch of charming stories and anecdotes across the ages.

This episode was recorded in late 2012.

You can buy Roger & Jean's book, A Holmes Miscellany, at the bookshop of your choice, or over here on Amazon.

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Episode 38: Free Sherlock

"A civil action was filed today in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois against the Arthur Conan Doyle Estate by Sherlock Holmes scholar Leslie S. Klinger. Klinger seeks to have the Court determine that the characters of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John H. Watson are no longer protected by federal copyright laws and that writers, filmmakers, and others are free to create new stories about Holmes, Watson, and others of their circle without paying license fees to the current owners of the remaining copyrights."

- Free Sherlock

Babes Lyndsay & Curly chat with Holmesian extraordinaire and vigilante Les Klinger about freeing Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, and a host of other characters from copyright.

Also mentioned: Shreffgate, Sherlock Holmes 3 (the movie), Sherlock Gnomes, and some pornography.

You can find all the information about Free Sherlock at

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Special #8: Lyndsay's Intro To Canon - Part IV

And we're back with the fourth and sadly last of Lyndsay's four classes on the Sherlock Holmes stories at the Center for Fiction in Manhattan. This time it's full of lots of Adventures!


SESSION 4: The Adventures


--The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton
--The Adventure of the Six Napoleons
--The Adventure of the Abbey Grange
--The Adventure of Lady Frances Carfax
--The Adventure of the Devil's Foot
--"Watson Falls Asleep; Narrative Frustration and Sherlock Holmes" by James Krasner

When Doyle committed himself to writing Sherlock Holmes stories once more, the general public greeted the news giddily.  While some of Doyle's later cases borrow structurally from his earlier work, others are as fine and original as any from the pre-Reichenbach collections.  We'll consider the function of anxiety in the canon, Krasner's intriguing explication of the highly invested but ultimately frustrated narrator, and to what extent Dr. John Watson is the key to Holmes's overwhelming worldwide popularity.  We'll also chat about Doyle's life and marriages and ways his passion for divorce reform influenced his writing (though he never did get on board with voting rights for women, more's the pity), how Inspector G. Lestrade is awesome, why Holmes is the Worst Flatmate on Earth, and compare and contrast a brilliant Gothic horror tale with an absolutely terrible one.

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