The Baker Street Babes
It's not every day you find an entire re-creation of 221B Baker Street... it's even rarer when that re-creation is in Los Angeles. Chuck Kovacic is a longtime Sherlockian and utterly devoted to having the most authentic Sherlock Holmes sitting room in the world. The amount of detail and research that has been poured into the room where so many of the stories truly took place is nothing short of astounding.
We had a chat with Chuck about how the sitting room came about, some of the items he has (and how he got them), and how you can visit the sitting room yourself (even online!).
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Babe Ardy visits Bonnie MacBird for tea, shortbread, and a discussion of Unquiet Spirits, the second of MacBird's trilogy of Holmes pastiches. Join us to hear about what it's like to write and research a Holmes novel, including tales of location-scouting for books, and visiting whisky distilleries by way of research. We also chat about the historical background for the book and Ardy learns a lot about wine, whisky, and why writing a pastiche is both fun and challenging.

Ardy's review of Unquiet Spirits can be found here on the BSB site.


The book is available at Amazon UK, Amazon US, and all good bookshops!

The annotations to Unquiet Spirits are here on Bonnie MacBird's website.

You can keep up with Bonnie MacBird's work here, on her website.

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We interview one of our own this go around as Amy, Sarah, and guest extraordinaire Elinor sit down with Lyndsay Faye about her new short story collection: The Whole Art of Detection: Lost Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes. The Whole Art of Detection is an amazing group of lost Sherlock Holmes tales. How did she think up the stories? Where did they come from? Does Sherlock Holmes keep a journal? Find out and listen!

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We're back! And with a live recorded podcast at 221B Con, our favorite Sherlock Holmes convention. This episode is with Martin Powell, whom you may know from comics or Disney or marvel or children's books or ... y'know... Sherlock Holmes!

We chat with him about how Holmes keeps coming back into his life, his amazing friendship with Ray Bradbury, Dracula and Holmes, and we keep mentioning nuns for some reason... 

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Episode 79: The Final Problem

Join Lyndsay, Tiffany and Ashley as they break down the nerve wracking, adrenaline filled third and final episode of BBC’s Sherlock Series Four ‘The Final Problem’. We were left perched at the edge of our seats as we watched Sherlock, John, and Mycroft take on the mysterious Euros. All of the events thus far have brought us to this final explosive (literally) showdown.

By far the most talked about and debated episodes of the entire series, we do our best to examine the good, the bad and the downright ridiculous.

Why don't you join us?

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Episode 78: The Lying Detective

Join Sora, Sarah, Amy, Lyndsay, and Maria for an emotional reaction and discussion of the second episode of Series Four of BBC's Sherlock. 'The Lying Detective' has Sherlock estranged from Dr. John Watson and obsessed over media personality, businessman, and philanthropist Culverton Smith. There's mystery! Killings! Drugs! Lots of anger, lots of emotion, and lots of twists. It's an episode people will be talking about for awhile.

As with its predecessor 'The Six Thatchers,' this episode presented excellent performances, but, with a lot more heart in the script. Hailed by some as the best episode of the entire series and others as too dark, it's one that has a lot of opinions raging, ours included.

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Episode 77: The Six Thatchers
(Please note that the episode contains extensive spoilers for The Six Thatchers.)
Ashley, Lyndsay, and Amy react to BBC Sherlock Season 4's opening episode, a complicated international tale with a meta focus and impressive performances.
They dissect the complicated plot and put a magnifying glass on the direction of Sherlock as a whole, questioning Its forward trajectory as a Holmesian adaptation. 
Though not our reactors' favorite in terms of story, The Six Thatchers provides plenty to admire in the areas of Rachel Talalay's direction and the cast's stellar interpretations of their characters.
Join us for a look at Sherlock's polarizing and fascinating season opener. 
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