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Episode 12: Anthony Horowitz

Anthony Horowitz in the author of The House of Silk, a book that has the Sherlockian and Holmesian world reeling. Endorsed by The Arthur Conan Doyle Estate, some have called it canon, while others say it's just another pastiche. Babe, Jenn sits down with the popular author of the Alex Rider series and talks the story, how it came about, what fueled it, and who Anthony would have tea with.

Please note that while the majority of background noise has been removed, this interview took place in a hotel lobby and there may be some doors slamming.

You can buy The House of Silk now at all major bookstores and online.


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The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate

The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate took place on November 10th, featuring audience members from over 20 countries and panelists from all walks of Sherlockiana, including yours truly! The Baker Street Babes captained Team 1: BBC Sherlock in the debate to see which Sherlock Holmes adaptation has the most prolific effect on the 21st Century audience, keeping the spirit of Sherlock Holmes alive and expanding its notoreity.

We had an AMAZING team, which included;

Babes Curly, Ardy, Taylor, and Jenn, Jules, Emma, and David from Sherlockology, Roger Johnson of The Sherlock Holmes Society of London, Charlotte Ann Walters (Barefoot on Baker Street) and Dan Andriacco (Baker Street Beat) of Episode 10, and Kate Workman.

Seriously, thank you all SO much. We are happy to share this with you all, and we hope you enjoy!


You can read more about the debate at MX Publishing's tumblr here

You can find the slides with expanded arguments at the following link: Final Slides This way you can even follow along with the audio!

Many thanks to Steve Emecz for organizing the debate, which was no small feat.

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Episode 11: Paget & The Image of Sherlock Holmes

The iconic illustrator of Sherlock Holmes was accidentally Sidney Paget. In this episode we take a look at the image he created for Sherlock Holmes that still resonates today, as well as why poor Watson isn't known for anything other than his mustache, and why Moriarty can't swim. Some Chinese, some Christmas wishlists, and enough laughter to go around as always, Episode 11 features Babes Curly, Jenn, and Kafers.

Stick around for a message from Ardy and a beautiful song called 'Science of Deduction' by Rhiannon, aka

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Episode 10: Charlotte Walters & Dan Andriacco

Curly speaks with authors Charlotte Walters, of Barefoot On Baker Street, and Dan Andriacco of Baker Street Beat about their writing, their love of Holmes, and The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate. Listen to find out who Charlotte would have tea with from the canon, how Reichenbach Falls turns off and on, and some insight on the arguments Team BBC Sherlock will be putting up for The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate. This plus a special birthday announcement and a Hound Of The Baskervilles parody song from A Study In Scandal in Toronto, performed by Karen Campbell and Craig Brink of The Bootmakers of Toronto.


Info on The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate

The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate takes place online on Thursday 10th November at 8pm GMT (3pm EST).


Charlotte's Blog: Barefoot On Baker Street

Dan's Blog: Baker Street Beat

Baker Street Babes' Bookshop:

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