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Episode 71: Bert Coules

Live from BSI Weekend! BSBs Curly, Lyndsay, and Maria got to sit down and chat with Bert Coules, head writer and creator of the BBC Sherlock Holmes radio series starring Clive Merrison and Michael Williams. This radio adaptation of the canon was the first to present all 60 stories (plus more!), and for many is the truest “Victorian” adaptation.

We learn how the series came to be, how it kept expanding, and some fun tales from the recording studio. 


Bert Coules’ Website:

About Bert, his other work, and future projects.

BBC Production Website:

Background, behind the scenes, and where to buy the original radio production starring Clive Merrison and Michael Williams.

221BBC Book

221 BBC - Writing for the World's Only Complete Dramatised Canon and Beyond (with Some Observations upon Previous Radio Appearances of Mr. Sherlock Holmes & Dr. John Watson) by Bert Coules

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Episode 70: The Abominable Bride


If you have not seen the Sherlock special The Abominable Bride, do not read or listen because there is no saving you from all the spoilers. This is your final warning! We mean it!

The Abominable Bride is here and she's taking no prisoners. We're transported back to Victorian London, Holmes' actual home, on a whirlwind journey through the life and misadventures of one great detective and his stalwart friend, Dr. Watson. From their first meeting to crimes both dangerous and grim ("the dog one!"), we're shuttled through a flurry of the short stories and novels until we come to The Bride.

We expected, perhaps, an homage to the Victorian canon and instead got something unexpected and wonderful: a psychological look at Sherlock himself. We see how he perceives himself, others around him, and the mysteries he and John solve as a swirl of mysterious fog laden adventures under the gaslight streets of late 19th century London.

While we have lots of praise, there's critique as well, and plenty of discussion about what The Abominable Bride means in the grander scheme of Series 3. It's wonderful.

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