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Episode 54: The Detective, The Woman and The Silent Hive

BSB Amy has a new book! Silent Hive is a new story about Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler that ties into Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s original story “The Five Orange Pips." We chat to her about what it's like having three pastiches out, a LOT about The Five Orange Pips, and how to start writing your own pastiches.


Amy has previously written The Detective and The Woman and The Detective, The Woman and The Winking TreeSilent Hive is the third in the series, and it continues her exploration of the lives of Holmes and Adler post-Reichenbach. The new story stands alone, but if you’ve read the other two, you’ll find references and continued plotlines to enjoy.

Here’s what the book is about:


The mysterious death of Irene Adler’s bees leads to a consultation with Sherlock Holmes and the discovery of a sinister connection to a case many years in the past. When this threat imperils the safety of everyone the detective holds dear, he and The Woman are forced to use every ounce of their ingenuity to save their friends.

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Episode 53: Lars Mikkelsen, Jonathan Aris, Arwel Wyn Jones

Kafers and Taylor traveled to Birmingham to attend Starfury's Elementary Con and got to have a brief chat with Sherlock's Lars Mikkelsen (Charles Augustus Magnussen), Jonathan Aris (Anderson), and Arwel Wyn Jones (set designer), as well as some cosplayers.

What were their favorite scenes? How much does Arwel like to tease the fans? And how did Jonathan scare the shit out of the camera man?

A reminder to go check out for a possible early sneak peek at our new secret project and to vote for us in the Shorty Awards at

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Episode 52: A Finger Slip Webseries

Fan fiction is being brought to the screen. You read that right. Curly chats with the team behind ‘A Finger Slip: The Webseries’ and finds out where the project came from, why it’s important, and something about pancakes.

Most importantly, you should check out their Kickstarter, which is nearly at its goal! But keep funding it, because the more money they have, the better this web series will be.

Don’t know what A Finger Slip is about… well here’s a handy summary:

A fan fiction by Pawtal (inspired by Sherlock Holmes) in which John and Sherlock accidentally meet through texts as teenagers. Read it.

Make sure to visit their official tumblr: & on twitter @AFSwebseries.

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Episode 51: His Last Vow

It seemed like Sherlock Series 3 only started less than two weeks ago... oh... wait. Yup, it's finale time, and what a finale it was! Sherlock Series 3 is over just like that, and with it there wer emore twists and turns and exploration than we've ever seen before. No more so than in His Last Vow.

BSBs Curly, Lyndsay, Kafers, Ardy, Amy, & Sarah get their teeth into His Last Vow.

We debate, we have opinions, we change opinions, and we all agree that Charles Augustus Magnussen is the best... in a "he's horrible I hate him" kind of way.

Questions from followers and listeners, our thoughts on THE ENDING and what Series 4 may have in store for us.

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Episode 50: The Sign Of Three
The podcast contains spoilers. Major spoilers. Spoilers of the extreme. You have been warned.
What a corker! The Sign Of Three has pretty much universally delighted the BSBs, but there's still plenty to talk about, lots of theories, and a whole ton of meta.
Join BSBs Maria, Curly, Kafers, Lyndsay, Melinda, Amy, Ardy, and Sarah for our 50th episode!

Who is the id, the ego, and the super ego in Sherlock? What's wrong with our beautiful consulting detective? And dear god what is going to happen in His Last Vow?

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Episode 49 - The Empty Hearse

The podcast contains spoilers. Major spoilers. Spoilers of the extreme. You have been warned.

It's been two years, but Sherlock is back. The Empty Hearse, by Mark Gatiss, reunites the consulting detective and army doctor, but not without a few big bumps along the way.

London is under attack, there's a new love interest in the form of Mary Morstan, and why does Mycroft need a goldfish?

A love letter to fandom, Babes Curly, Taylor, Kafers, Lyndsay, Turk, & Amy discuss and review the newest episode.

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Nick Briggs & The Ordeals Of Sherlock Holmes

Nick Briggs is the Executive Producer of Big Finish, the Voice of the Daleks, and most importantly... he's Sherlock Holmes in The Ordeals Of Sherlock Holmes!

Babes Curly, Taylor, Kafers, Maria & Amy chat with Nick about the new box set from Big Finish, the love he has for audio and theatre, his amazing cast, tricking Benedict Cumberbatch, and what Holmes would deduce about a Dalek.

You can get The Ordeals Of Sherlock Holmes plus all the other Holmesian audios at Order Ordeals [HERE]!


Jago & Litefoot [website]: Jago and Litefoot is an audio series from Big Finish Productions. The stories involve Henry Gordon Jago and George Litefoot, characters first introduced in Doctor WhoThe Talons of Weng-Chiang, who become Infernal Investigators, solving mysteries involving paranormal or alien 

The Confessions Of Dorian Gray starring Alexander Vlahos [website]: Inspired by Oscar Wilde's classic story of hedonism and corruption, The Confessions of Dorian Gray imagines a world where Dorian Gray was real, and his friendship with Oscar Wilde spawned the notorious novel. Ghosts Of Christmas Past is the one where Nick as Holmes appears.

The Big Finish Podcasts [website]

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Episode 47: Sherlock- The Game (Is On!)

Did you know there is a Sherlock video game? Well, there is! And better yet, it's completely fan created. BSBs Curly, Maria, Taylor, & Ardy sat down with some of the team behind Sherlock: The Game Is On to learn how it started and to try and solve the puzzle of how such a collaborative project of this size even works.

Many thanks to Lynx, Carolyn, Yuri, Joey, & Becky for chatting with us.

You can find out more about the project at:




Their soundtrack is available on Soundcloud:

And here is the vide they put out:

Games Mentioned:

Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective

The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes

Creepy Watson

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Babes Lyndsay, Melinda, and Sarah chat with the brains behind the Moriarty series from Image Comics, Daniel Corey.

Moriarty is a supernatural/dark crime comic that flips the Sherlock Holmes universe on its head--James Moriarty, its sinister and conflicted star, is now the protagonist.  Inspired in part by great Professor Moriarties including Laurence Olivier in The Seven Per Cent Solution and Daniel Davis in Star Trek: TNG, Corey set out to solve the mystery, who IS Professor Moriarty, since "He's mentioned here and there, but there's only two stories that involve Professor Moriarty and he's never actually onstage."

Who is the Professor in the absence of Holmes, and will his criminal empire ever come to fruition?  Did pop culture create the evil Professor as much as Sir Arthur did?  Are the Sherlock Holmes mysteries great literature or great pulp?  We chat over the myth that is Moriarty, some of our favorite versions of the character, and the ever-necessary elements of adventure and derring-do.

In order to continue the series, Corey has set up a Kickstarter campaign that lasts through the end of the month--don't miss this chance to help bring a unique Sherlockian creation to the page.  You can tweet Daniel Corey at @DangerKatt, and find the hardcover of his first two issues via Image Comics.

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Episode 45: Sherlock Holmes After Dark Part 2

Things are heating up! It's Part 2 of our Sherlock Holmes After Dark series. Join us as we talk female sexual empowerment, AUs, and tell you where to find Sherlockian porn today. Join Babes Lyndsay, Curly, & Liz with guests reapersun, Madlori, and Sketchlock for the second half of this tintillating conversation.

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