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We were on Cake Boss! Yes, they gave us an amazing Sherlock Holmes cake for our annual charity ball for wounded veterans during BSI Weekend. And it was amazing. Lyndsay, Tiffany, and Maria sit down and talk about the process, the cake, the ball, and every delicious morsel in between.

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BSB Amy and our good friend Chris Zordan discuss everything Irene Adler with a wonderful audience at 221B Con. Who was Irene Adler? Why is she so important to fans even though she only appears in one story? Taking on this larger than life adventuress that bested Sherlock Holmes is something many adaptations (all adaptations?) get kinda wrong. Why is that?

They unpack the recent adaptations and their portrayals of Adler, from Rachel McAdam's UPS Service Adler for Moriarty to in Elementary where... spoiler alert... she is Moriarty to Cutty from House, MD.

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Join us for our live podcast at 221B Con speaking with the one and only Nancy Springer, author of the Enola Holmes series. Where did Enola come from? What was Nancy's favorite book? Why did Florence Nightingale have 56 white Persian cats?

We get the details about the film announcement starring Millie Bobbie Brown from Stranger Things and the ingenious way Nancy Springer researched the Victorian era for the series.


Music: Checkerboard, Jason Donnelly

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